Covid-19 Guidelines

As we start to see a lifting of lockdown restrictions, we aim to ensure a smooth transition towards the new normal and for Cosmed Aesthetic Training Academy to be able to continue to provide the best possible training and support to our delegates, we have introduced some changes to the way in which we carry out training. We have a responsibility to ensure that our employees can confidently carry out their work in a safe environment and to enable us to establish that the current Government guidance, with regards to reducing and controlling the risk of Covid-19, has been implemented within your clinic, please read the below requirements from Cosmed for future training courses. Many thanks for your support with this matter and looking forward to seeing you soon

Requirements from Cosmed Acadeny to enable Training to be carried out:

  • Maximum of 3 trainees per training session
  • Hand sanitiser available on arrival.
  • 2m social distancing during theory session. If this is not possible, then adequate P.P.E. must be worn.
  • Full P.P.E must be worn during treatment / demonstrations.
  • Written assurance from academy that staff will have temperature check daily and will be following strict guidelines on Covid-19 screening. Models provided by Cosmed or each delegate must be Pre Screened prior to appointment and on the day of arrival including temperature check.
  • Sufficient P.P.E available for clinic staff for duration of training session, allowing for replacements as required. (eg. before / after each treatment, after coffee, lunch or toilet breaks.)
  • Sufficient disinfectant for cleaning of treatment room and equipment, for duration of training session.
  • Facility for safe disposal of P.P.E., disposable couch rolls and disinfecting wipes, tissues.
  • Academy staff members will wear face covering in public area if 2m social distancing is not possible.
  • Work within the academy individual Health & Safety policy and procedure e.g. staggered practical sessions if required
  • During theory session will wear face mask if 2m social distancing is not possible.
  • Follow Government Guidelines for P.P.E. In the absence of available Government Guidelines, Consensus Guidelines for P.P.E. during practical will be followed.
  • Safely dispose of own P.P.E used throughout the day.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]