Model Terms & Conditions

Policy for Models for Education & Teaching Purposes

Section 1 – Cosmed Aesthetic Training Academy Background 

Cosmed Training is a training and education provider for medical professionals in the non-surgical medical aesthetics sector. As part of delivering training courses, we use Models for:

  1. Our Trainers to demonstrate procedures upon by carrying out treatments for Trainees to learn from
  2. Our Trainees to build competence and knowledge by carrying out procedures under the direct supervision of our Trainers

Section 2 – Initial Model Selection

  1. Upon initial registration as a model, the Cosmed Training Model Coordinators explain the journey for a model, take information from the model to store in our database, and ask questions to identify the suitability of the model for treatment. We may require photographs of the model to be sent to Cosmed Training prior to confirmation of suitability.
  2. All Models who elect to have treatment with Cosmed Training are required to undergo a medical consultation prior to treatment. However, initial suitability assessments are carried out on the phone by our Cosmed Trainers. This includes:
    • Basic contraindications such as pregnancy, breastfeeding etc
    • Basic medical history
    • Taking a treatment history for previous cosmetic procedures
    • Any previous adverse reactions and complications
    • Understanding of patient expectations
  3. All models are required to submit a selection of recent photos to our team for assessment (defined as less than 2 weeks old and not had any further aesthetic / medical / surgical treatments since the photos which may alter the patient’s appearance, which may impact our assessment).
  4. Cosmed Training reserve the right to decline or cancel any appointments which are booked whereby:
    • A model is not willing to submit photographs; or
    • Where the photographs are of insufficient quality to make an informed decision about suitability for treatment; or
    • Whereby the photographs indicate a contraindication or other reason to indicate that treatment is not appropriate
    • Where we invoke the right to decline or cancel an appointment (e.g. due to course cancellation), we will refund any appointment deposit we have taken.
    • If team are in any doubt of the suitability for a procedure, they will make an onward referral to a Trainer prior to booking or permitting an existing booking to go ahead.
    • Our team reserve the right to decline/cancel any appointments where submitted photographs indicate any reason why the model maybe be unsuitable for treatment and, for any onward referrals, the decision of the Trainer is final.
    • If a model is deemed suitable for treatment at the initial selection stage, the Trainer retains ultimate accountability for deciding if a model is suitable for the procedure at the appointment. This may lead to the Trainer declining to carry out some or all of the model’s treatment.
  5. Trainers provide feedback to the wider team on a model’s suitability so that Models’ records can be updated and any process improvements made.
  6. Information is stored and retained in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018)

Section 3 – Consultations

  1. All Models who elect to have treatment with Cosmed Training are required to undergo a medical consultation prior to treatment.
  2. Consultations by trained medical professionals take place either:
    • At the model appointment where treatment follows the consultation if the patient and practitioner agree to go ahead
    • Before the model appointment (e.g. for complex treatments or whereby the team feels there is benefit of doing so)
  3. For consultations taking place on the day of treatment on a Cosmed training course:
    • Models are charged a non-refundable deposit at the point of booking their model appointment. This acts to secure the appointment and pays for the consultation by the Trainer and Trainees.
    • All models are entitled to a cooling-off period however the deposit for the model appointment is non-refundable as this represents the cost of the consultation if treatment does not go-ahead.
    • At the discretion of our team, we may choose to transfer the model’s deposit.
  4. For consultations taking place on a day before the treatment is due to be completed on a Cosmed Training course:
    • Model consultations will be charged at €50 which is payable at the point of booking the consultation and which also acts as an appointment deposit.
    • If the model cancels this appointment  less than 48 hours prior to the consultation appointment then a refund will be made otherwise no refund is payable.
    • The cost of attending the consultation is €50 whether the model proceeds to having treatment or not.
  5. As a matter of course, Cosmed Training do not default to offering consultations prior to model appointments for non-complex procedures e.g. upper face wrinkle-relaxing botulinum toxin treatments, however a consultation will always be held on the day of the planned treatment.

Section 4 – Follow-Up Appointments

  1. All Models are entitled to a follow-up if one is required, although this will not necessarily involve additional treatment.
  2. By default, follow-ups are booked onto training days to provide opportunity for trainees to learn from complications, adverse reactions and patient expectations.
  3. Should a model require a follow-up appointment at Cosmed Training (not on a training day) then there is a €50 charge for this appointment, unless the follow-up is required due to a clinical error, adverse reaction or complication from the original treatment. The fee is payable upfront to secure the appointment.
  4. If the model no longer requires the appointment then he/she should contact Cosmed Training at least 48 hours before the appointment time.
  5. Cancellations taking place less than 48 hours or DNAs will result in the forfeit of the deposit and the possible removal from our models database for future treatment opportunities.
  6. Our policy is to book follow-ups into a designated slot on a future training course.
  1. The fee structure for model follow-up appointments is based on what has caused the follow-up:
    • If patient expectations were unrealistic or have not been met but no clinical error has been made then the cost of treatment for an appointment being carried out on a training day will be charged at model prices (subject to availability).
    • If patient expectations were realistic but a clinical error has been made then there will be no charge for remedial treatment in Cosmed Training.
    • Unless our clinical judgement dictates otherwise, all follow-ups must be carried within 1 month of the original treatment.
    • Our team has the final decision in respect of the fee structure for follow-up treatment and recommendation of treatment plan.

Section 5 – Multiple bookings by same model for same training day

  1. For Models electing to have more than one area of the face treated on the same day, Cosmed Training can book more than one treatment appointment on the same day for that model, providing there are no contraindications by doing so.
  2. Our team will create an appointment for each procedure that has a defined patient outcome.
  • Example 1: three areas of upper face botulinum toxin covers several muscle groups/areas of the face but they are linked to a defined patient outcome of relaxing wrinkles in the upper face. Therefore, its treated as one procedure and does not require more than one appointment
  • Example 2: dermal filler upper lip line treatment requires a separate appointment to dermal filler treatment to the tear troughs as they have different and discrete patient outcomes
  1. A non-refundable deposit is required for each appointment made.
  2. Each model is limited to one botulinum toxin and two discrete dermal filler appointments on the same day as a selection of Models are required on all training course days.

Section 6 – Appointment Deposits

  1. Models wishing to book an appointment for treatment at Cosmed Training are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit for the cost of the consultation.
  2. Failure to attend the appointment will result in automatic forfeiture of the appointment deposit.
  3. The tariff for appointment deposits is as-follows:
  • Model treatment appointments on a Cosmed Training course – €50 (non-refundable, non-transferable for non-attendance)
  • Complex model treatment appointments on a Cosmed Training course – €100 (non- refundable, non-transferable for non-attendance)
  • Follow-up appointment on a Cosmed Training course – €50 (non-refundable, non- transferable for non-attendance) – this excludes botulinum toxin follow-ups on the Foundation Training Course
  1. In the event of a death in the model’s immediate family, the model should contact us within 3 days of the circumstances to notify us and we will re-book your appointment without forfeiture of the appointment deposit.
  1. Unfortunately no other exceptions can be made other than at the discretion of Cosmed Training.
  2. If a model expects to be late to his/her appointment then they should contact the Cosmed Training team by phone. A tolerance of 15 minutes is permitted however after that our team reserve the right to cancel the appointment with the forfeiture of the deposit paid.

Section 7 – Undergoing Treatment

  1. Models are explained at the point of initial contact (by telephone) that they are attending their appointment for training and education reasons to the benefit of qualified medical professionals who wish to learn skills in aesthetics.
  2. As such, each model must be prepared to undergo treatment by trainees who are attending a Cosmed Training course.
  3. Models are not permitted to request that the Trainer carries out their treatment. It is at the discretion of the Trainer who carries out the treatment of the model. It is always respected if the model chooses at any point not to undergo or continue with their treatment.
  4. Models are permitted to request to attend the training course of a specific trainer however this cannot be guaranteed. In the event that the Trainer is replaced on the day of the appointment with another Trainer, this does not constitute grounds for a refund of a) the appointment deposit; or b) the treatment fee, if undertaken
  5. Cosmed Training reserves the right to decline treatment on the day due to model contraindications (including illness). In this instance, the appointment deposit will be transferred to a different date but not refunded.
  6. Models are requested not to bring children or more than one friend or family member to the Training Premises.

Section 8 – Complex treatments

  1. Complex treatments include treatments:
  • To multiple areas of the face;
  • In a high-risk area of the face;
  1. Models electing for any complex treatments must be approved for treatment prior to any appointment by a member of the Cosmed clinical team.
  2. Models must have had a consultation to assess risks and suitability for the procedure. This must be done at least one day ahead of the proposed treatment appointment.
  3. Models are subject to the payment terms detailed in the Consultation section of this policy document for their consultation appointment.
  4. An estimate of treatment cost for complex treatments will be provided at the consultation.

Section 9 – Treatment limitations/flexibility in model appointments

  1. Trainers are required to use their clinical judgement for the amount of product to use on a model however the following considerations should always be taken in account:
  • Managing model expectations and ensuring informed consent for the treatment plan
  • Ensuring the model can make the financial commitment to pay for treatment on the day of treatment
  • The length of appointment assigned to that model and the structure of the overall training day
  • Ensuring that treatment is in the best interests of the model
  1. The scope of the treatment to all Models will be restricted by the trainer to the procedures being taught on that particular training course.
  2. Models should always be free from any pressure/influence/coercion to have treatment
  3. Discounted or free of charge treatments are not best practice and our management team should also be consulted before discounts are given in appointments to Models. Considerations include:
  • Indirectly pressuring the model to have more treatment than they may have otherwise elected for if a discount were not applied
  • The sustainability longer term for the model of that treatment based on affordability
  • Stock control and associated financial impacts

Section 10 – Communication with models

  1. Cosmed Training communicate with prospective and existing Models across a variety of platforms, which include:
  • Facebook – Models communicate via the Messenger app or through posts/comments
  • Mailing List – we send email marketing to Models who have opted-in to our mailing list
  • Website – Models complete website forms or may leave comments on articles
  • Direct email – we communicate with models through direct email, [email protected], including individual specific email addresses and a shared mailbox.
  • Telephone (01) 554 7878
  • Phorest – we exchange SMS text communications through Phorest
  • All communications are carried out in line with GDPR (2018)

Section 12 – Course structure and appointment times

  1. Each Cosmed Training course has a set structure with fixed appointment times.
  2. Models are requested to arrive 30 minutes before their designated appointment time in order to prepare for their appointment.
  3. Trainers operate each training course according to a pre-defined timetable and course structure.
  4. Our team reserve the right to restrict/limit model appointments due to excessive or unreasonable short notice cancellations or DNAs or due to any unrealistic patient expectations which make that patient unsuitable for a training environment.

Section 13 – Adverse reactions and complications

  1. Adverse reactions and complications are a risk of any medical procedure.
  2. All Trainers and Trainees of Cosmed Training are medical professionals belonging to a Professional Statutory & Regulatory Body.
  3. Models will be informed of potential side effects, complications and adverse reactions to treatment on the day.
  4. In the event of an adverse reaction and complication after the treatment, the model should contact the Cosmed Training contact number.
  5. Outside of opening hours, a voice recording informs them of a number to ring in the event of a potential emergency.
  6. Our Contact Centre will obtain initial information and, for common side effects, will provide aftercare advice.
  7. For serious reactions and complications, the Contact Centre will immediately alert and ensure the ownership of a Cosmed clinician.
  8. All trainers are trained in the use of hyaluronidase and other emergency protocols relevant to our treatments.

Section 14 – Team members as Models

  1. All team members who wish to have treatment as a model are required to have a 6 monthly consultation with a Cosmed clinician.
  2. Team members who have not had a consultation with a Cosmed clinician in the last 6 months will not be permitted to undergo treatment as a model.
  3. Team members who wish to have model treatments will have a patient record maintained on our database indicating which treatments a clinician has indicated they are suitable for.
  4. Team members are entitled to treatment as Models at standard model rates.
  5. Team members who receive treatment in the event of short-notice cancellations or DNAs are entitled to free of charge treatment but a consultation must have taken place for the relevant procedure within the last 6 months ahead of the day of treatment.

Section 15 – Discounting model treatments

  1. In line with GMC guidelines, Cosmed Training does not unethically and inappropriately promote treatments for Models.
  2. Time-limited discounts where a model must elect to have a procedure by a deadline for the benefit of a promotion are not permitted.
  3. It is acceptable to time-limit a consultation but a cooling-off period prior to treatment must always be offered.
  4. Free of charge appointments are not best practice due to providing an incentive for treatment for a patient which they may not ordinarily elected to have had.
  5. Where a treatment is being given free of charge, a consultation must always take place and a cooling off period offered.
  6. All discounts must be recorded in our database for reporting and compliance reasons.
  7. All discounts are subject to the approval of the manager who has overall accountability for ensuring the accurate recording of discounting information.

Section 16 – Paying for treatment

  1. Models can choose to pay for their treatment by cash or credit/debit card.
  2. Direct debit, cheque and bank transfers are not permitted.
  3. Appointment deposits are paid in advance of the treatment / consultation appointment (see earlier sections)
  4. Payment for treatment must be paid in full prior to the day of the treatment or, if approved by Cosmed Training, paid on the day of treatment.